Aplying the Oocyte Packing Density

Oocyte Packing Density is an extended autodiametric method (Kurita & Kjesbu 2009) that helps us to understand oocyte dynamics and reproductive potential specially in indeterminate fecundity fish species. Alba Serrat Llinàs, a PhD student from the University of Girona, has been in our lab giving a seminar about this topic to the members of group. She also worked together with our master student  Cristina applying the method on Europena Hake, Merluccius merluccius, samples from the Galician coast.

They worked hard during the last wto weeks, great job!!!

Alba and Cristina working hard with the image analysis system

We are very grateful to Alba for teaching us the application of this very useful methodology. As a result of this collaboration we have now very exciting ideas for a near future!!!

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