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Weakfish in Galicia

During the secong week of June 2018, in the VII CONGRESS OF THE IBERIAN SOCIETY FOR ICTHYOLOGY, Rafa Bañón will present our last contribution to the study of weakfish in Galician waters. The weakfish Cynoscion regalis is a sciaenid native to the northwest Atlantic, along the North American coast. ItRead More

Historical notes and current dynamics of octopus trap fishery in Galicia

Here we present our last contribution to the study of fisheries dynamics of the small-scale fisheries in Galicia. We considered this a key paper to understand the octopus trap fishery in Galicia, which is maybe the most important fishery for the artisanal fllet in Galicia. You have free access toRead More

Wellcome to our new PhD student

After her succesfull master thesis, on 1st December Cristina has incorporated to our research team as the new PhD Student, CONGRATS!!! She will develope her research during next 3 years within the PhD project “Ecology of recruitment of European hake: interaction between fisheries, environment and maternal effects”. The main hypothesisRead More