Cristina García Fernández

PhD Student

Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (CSIC)

Eduardo Cabello, 6. Vigo. Pontevedra. 36208 (Spaña)

(+34) 986231930



I am graduated in Biology in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2015. Currently, i am studying the second year of “International Master of Science Marine Biodiversity and Conservation” (EMBC+), in which I have studied in several places such as the University of Algarve and the University of Oviedo and aslo in a spring school in the Sven Lovén Center for Marine Sciences in Tjärnö, Sweden.
In addition, during a month in the first year of the master’s degree, I made my internships in the Fisheries Ecology research group with Fran-Saborido as supervisor.
The final master’s thesis is included in the project DREAMER, “Hake recruitment and adult demography: implication for fisheries sustainability“.
Nowadays, I am developing my PhD project entitled “Ecology of recruitment of European hake: interaction between fisheries, environment and maternal effects”. The main hypothesis that is approached is the existence of an interaction between the population demography of the European hake and the environment, determining the dynamics of the recruitment in the Galician platform. It is the consequence of the maternal effect on the biology of the progeny, which interacts with the environment, determining the larval survival rate and recruitment. These maternal effects are pronounced by the presence of two times of laying probably due to the existence of two separate maternal populations with different characteristics, another hypothesis that will also be studied.
Grant and foundation: The grant with which I have the predoctoral contract in the group is granted by the Tatiana Pérez Guzmán del Bueno Foundation. It is one of the four 4 scholarships / predoctoral contracts in Environment of this foundation for young people who are going to do their doctoral thesis in a doctorate program officially accredited in Spain.