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PhD in Marine Ecology (University of Vigo, 2013) investigating life history and behaviour of a coastal wrasse (Labrus bergylta). My main research interest is the impact of human activities on the behaviour of marine animals and its eco-evolutionary consequences at the population, community and ecosystem levels. I investigated consistency in behaviour of marine animals during a Marie Curie post-doc in Norway (Institute of Marine Research of Norway, 2014-2016) and found that most spatial ecology traits are consistent at the individual level. Now I’m trying to understand how fishing and marine reserves may alter the selection patterns on behavioural traits in unanticipated ways, and how this information may help inform adaptive management strategies. I’m currently hired by CSIC under the Marie Sklodowska Curie Program (2018-2010, @BemarProject ).

Download my PhD Thesis “Life history and behaviour of Labrus bergylta in Galicia”


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