David Villegas Ríos (PhD)

Contact Information:

Oficial personal web page at current position

Institute of Marine Research of Norway

Flødevigen Research Station (Arendal, Norway)



Research interest:

PhD in marine biology (University of Vigo, 2013) and currently based at the Flodevigen Marine Station, Institute of Marine Research of Norway, with a postdoctoral contract. I’m mainly interested in marine ecology, specifically fish ecology and behaviour. Specifically I’m working in the interaction between fish life-history (reproduction, growth, bioenergetics), behaviour and fisheries. My research focused on  the ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) as my main model species, but I’ve worked in other species like the pollack Pollachius pollachius or the common snook Centropomus undecimalis. I’m specially interested in telemetry techniques to study fish behaviour in wild conditions and the application of statsitical models describing fish movement patterns. I’m also interested in fish ecology and evolution.

Download my PhD Thesis “Life history and behaviour of Labrus bergylta in Galicia”

Publications (SCI)

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