Objectives Ecoprega







1. Recruitment dynamics: larvae and juveniles

1.1 Defining larvae and juveniles (age 0) abundance and distribution during peak of spawning activity (spring 2013).

1.2 Determining daily growth of larvae and juveniles during production peaks and its temporal variability.

1.3 Determining the trophic routes used by the hake during the larval and juveniles stage.

2. Spawning and recruitment habitat

2.1. Compilation of oceanographic parameters database in spawning and recruitment areas.

2.2. Characterizing environmental condition in spawning and recruitment areas.

3. Ecologic relational analysis

3.1. Analysis of determining environmental factors in the larvae and juveniles abundance and distribution.

3.2. Analysis of historical oceanography-climatic data series: Identification of mesoscale factors impacting on recruitment.

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