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The group has a complete laboratory that brings together in one space all the necessary equipment to analyze life history parameters -mainly growth and reproduction- as well as expert staff, skilled in the different lab techniques


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Histology, bioenergetics, reproductive parameters, sclerochronology, image analysis

Update of Handbook of applied fisheries reproductive biology

Although FRESH ended some years ago, we are still publishing FRESH products. Now it is the time for chapter 3-Maturity, within the “Handbook of applied fisheries reproductive biology for stock assessment and management” ( Domínguez-Petit, Rosario ; Anastasopoulou, Aikaterini; Cubillos, Luis; Gerritsen, Hans D.; Gonçalves, Patricia; Hidalgo, Manuel ; Kennedy,Read More

Octopus’ sex ratio (paper released)

Take a look to our last research paper published online about common octopus’ sex ratio in Galician waters. Sex ratio variation in an exploited population of common octopus: ontogenic shifts and spatio-temporal dynamics Alexandre Alonso-Fernández, Jaime Otero, Rafael Bañón, Jose Manuel Campelos, Juan Santos, Gonzalo Mucientes Abstract Sex ratio is a fundamental demographic parameter with major implications for the dynamics, management, andRead More

Cynoscion regalis in Galician waters (Spanish)

IDENTIFICADA UNA CORVINA AMERICANA EN AGUAS DE GALICIA Investigadores del Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas de Vigo (IIM) del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) han identificado varios ejemplares de corvinata real (Cynoscion regalis) pescados en aguas de Galicia. Esta especie comercial es originaria de la costa este de Norteamérica, distribuyéndoseRead More