Small Scale Fisheries in Galicia (2016-2019) Xunta de Galicia

DREAMER: Recruitment dynamics of european hake (2016-2019) MINECO CTM2015-66676-C2-1-R

Study of exploited fish stocks Flemish Cap Unión Europea (AIR1 CT92-0558/DG XIV 94-043/96-030/98-048/00-028)

Habitat and fish interactions – EEA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME NILS – Science and Sustainability (October 2014 and April 2015) by Stefan Aki Ragnarsson

CAtch rate Standardisation of fin-fishes targeted by the GAlician (NW Spain) Small-Scale fishery – CASGASS ICES (2014-2015)

REC2: Settlement and recruitment processes in fish species of interest for recreational fishing (2012-2015) MICINN CTM2011-23835

CRAMER: Ecology of hake recruitment: implications for resource management (2010-2013) MICINN CTM2010-21856-C03-01

ECOPREGA: Ecology recruitment and early life stages of hake in Galicia (2010-2013) Xunta de galicia (MMA) 10MMA602021PR

FAROS: Networking of Fishing Sector Actors to Organize a Responsible, Optimal and Sustainable Exploitation of Marine Resources (2010-2013) UE LIFE08 ENV/E/000119

STREPHALIBUT: Analysis of the reproductive potential to improve the sustainability of Greenland halibut fishery (2009-2012) (MICINN-Acción complementaria Internacional con Canadá) ACI2008-0754

ARTEVIGO: Biology, ecology and habitat use of the target species of the artisanal fleet in the Ria de Vigo: ecosystem management mechanism (2009-2012) Xunta Galicia (09MMA022402PR)

OCEAN-LIDER: Leaders in ocean renewable energy (2009-2012) CDTI-Cénit (Contrato IBERDROLA)

DETEPRE: Development and implementation of new technologies and protocols in the study of reproductive ecology fishing (2008-2011) Xunta Galicia (08MMA010402PR)

FRESH: Fish Reproduction and Fisheries (2007-2011) COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Reproducción de peces y Pesquerías (2011) Acción Complementaria Internacional (MEC) PCI2006-A9-0610

Preparatory action integrated action aimed at improving the mechanisms for fisheries management in Cape Verde by strengthening applied research that takes place in government agencies of the country (Cape Verde) (2011) AECID C/031413/10

FINE: Fisheries-induced Evolution (2007-2010) Unión Europea (6 Programa Marco) SSP-2006-044276

MARKETECH II. Action plan for technological development maritime-fishing sector (2007-2009) MEC (Proyectos de Transferencia tecnológica) OTR050002C07

Population dynamics of Lutjanidae (Teleostei) and Sustainable Management of artisanal fisheries in the North of Bahia (Brazil) coast (2007-2009) AECI (PCI-Iberoamérica, A/8268/07)

ECOSUMMER: Ecosystem approach to Sustainable Management of the Marine Environment and its Living Resources (2006-2009) Unión Europea (Marie Curie Actions 020501-2)

Population structure and reproductive ecology Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus in the Iberian platform (2006-2009) MEC (Plan Nacional I+D+I) CTM2006-13964-C03-00/MAR

PREGAME: Study of reproductive potential of Lepidorhombus sp. and Merluccius merluccius. Involvement in the evaluation and assessment (2006-2009) Xunta de Galicia PGIDIT06RMA40201PR

Study of the reproductive biology of Scomber japonicus (Houttuyn, 1782) in Moroccan coast (Morocco) (2008) AECI (PCI-Marruecos, A/7297/06)

Emerging indirect effects on predator / prey systems: The case of the dynamics of coastal fish population exploited by recreational fishing (2006-2008) MEC (Plan Nacional I+D+I) CTM2005-00283/MAR

EFIMAS: Operational evaluation tools for fisheries management options (2004-2008) Unión Europea (6 Programa Marco) SSP8-CT-2003-502516

BECAUSE: Critical Interactions BEtween Species and their Implications for a PreCAUtionary FiSheries Management in a variable Environment – a Modelling Approach (2004-2007) Unión Europea (6 Programa Marco) SSP8-CT-2003-502482

Objective and accurate estimate of reproductive parameters in cod and red fish (2004-2007) Xunta Galicia (PGIDIT04RMA402002PR)

Characterization of otoliths of cod in the area of Flemish Cap (Newfoundland) (2004-2007) Xunta Galicia (PGIDIT04RMA402003PR)

ECOPREST: Assessing the impact of the Prestige on the shelf ecosystem and fish stocks. Biology resources (2003-2007) MCyT (VEM2003-20081-C02-02)

Assessing the impact of the Prestige on the shelf ecosystem and fish stocks. Spring season (2003) MCyT (Acción especial)

Management plans for integrated coastal management in Puntarenas (Costa Rica) (2007) Banco Interamericano para el Desarrollo y CETMAR

RASER: Reproductive and stock evaluation for recovery (2002-2006) (QLRT-2001-01825) Unión Europea

Definition and development in network marketing strategy sectoral technology: application to the results and performance capabilities in the fishing and shellfish industry, aquaculture and fish processing and transformation (2005) MEC (Fomento de la Innovación y Transferencia Tecnológica)

Support for fishing by artisanal fishing communities of Lake Nicaragua (Chontales Department) and Rio San Juan (Nicaragua) (2004-2005) AECID

Assessment of reproduction and hake and cod recovery (2003-2005) MCyT (Acción especial)

Population structure, reproductive strategies and demography of redfish (Genus Sebastes) in the Irminger Sea and adjacent waters (ICES V, XII and XIV; NAFO 1) (2000-2004) Unión Europea

UVAK: The influence of UVR and climate conditions on fish stocks: A case study of the Northeast Arctic cod (EVK3-1999-00050) (2000-2002) Unión Europea (EVK3-1999.00050) 

Reproductive strategy of hake, Meluccius merluccius, in the waters of the Galician platform

(1998-2001) Xunta Galicia (PR404A 98/3-0)

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