Sonia Rábade Uberos

Lab manager



Address: Eduardo Cabello, 6. 36208 Vigo
Phone: (+34) 986 231930 ext.243


BSc in Biology by Vigo University in 1999. MSc in Marine Biology and Aquaculture in 2001, Advanced Technician in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology in 2003.

In 2003 I achieved a grant for cooperation in the Institute of Legal Medicine of USC. In 2004 I got a grant for  marine research assistants at the Center for Marine Research (CIMA ) of the Xunta de Galicia Ribadeo (Lugo), after that , in 2005 I joined the group of Fisheries Ecology of IIM -CSIC, first as Senior Technician in technical and professional activities and later, from 2008 as Higher Degree in technical and professional activities.

Since I joined the group I have performed several tasks related to the reproductive analysis of various fish species, such as attending fishing surveys, collecting samplings in fish markets, processing and interpreting histological samples of ovaries, analyzing fecundity by image analysis and manual techniques, bioenergetics analysis by biochemical and calorimetric methods, and maintenance of fish specimens for research purposes, among others.

Nowadays, I carry out the management of  the lab, and in addition to purely technical research tasks, I cooperate in the management of various research projects from regional to European scope, and with the organization of some R & D activities such as courses, seminars, conferences and reports.


  1. J.M. Pintor, P. Carrión, E. Cernadas, E. González-Rufino, A. Formella, M. Fernández-Delgado, R. Domínguez-Petit, S. Rábade-Uberos  (2016) Govocitos: A software tool for estimating fish fecundity based on digital analysis of histological images  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 125: 89-98
  2. Pintor, J.M., Carrión, P., González-Rufino, E., Formella, A., Fernández-Delgado, M., Cernadas, E., Domínguez-Petit, R., Rábade-Uberos, S. (2015) A Multi-platform Graphical Software for Determining Reproductive Parameters in Fishes Using Histological Image Analysis Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 9117: 743-750

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