Species Distribution Models at the IIM-CSIC

The Department of Ecology and Marine Resources of the Marine Research Institute of Vigo (IIM-CSIC) coordinated the course “Modeling of species distributions: methods and applications“. The course was held on September 10-13, 2018 at the facilities of the IIM-CSIC. The teaching team was composed by Prof. David V. Conesa (Department of Statistics and IO, Universitat de València) and Dr. María G. Pennino (Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Coastal Center of Vigo), both members of the Statistical Modeling Ecology Group (SMEG). The course describes some of the most outstanding methods of Species Distribution Models (SDM) currently in use, both from a frequentist and Bayesian approach.

Example of SDM output

The course had great acceptance and was represented by researchers from IIM-CSIC, University of Vigo (Future Ocean Lab), University of Santiago de Compostela and even international organizations such as CONICET of Argentina.

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