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More exotic species in the Rías Baixas

We continue with compilation of new records of fish exotic species in the coast of Galicia. This time we were surprised by the presence of the prickly puffer Ephippion guttifer (Bennett 1831) (Tetradontidae) in the Ría de Vigo. The present record establishes a new fish species in Galician waters and constitutesRead More

Weakfish in Galicia

During the secong week of June 2018, in the VII CONGRESS OF THE IBERIAN SOCIETY FOR ICTHYOLOGY, Rafa Bañón will present our last contribution to the study of weakfish in Galician waters. The weakfish Cynoscion regalis is a sciaenid native to the northwest Atlantic, along the North American coast. ItRead More


Oceanographic surveys of the DREAMER project finished and now it is time to process all the material sampled in the lab. Distribution, daily growth and trophic dynamics of hake larvae are some of the main aspects in which research team will be focusedin the coming months (AZTI / CSIC).  Read More