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CASGASS – Studying Galician Smale-Scale fisheries trends

Last monday we had the first coordination meeting of the project CASGASS “CAtch rate Standardisation of finfishes targeted by the GAlician (NE Atlantic) Small-Scale fishery“. The meeting take place at the facilities of the governmental agency UTPB (Technical Unit of Artisanal Fisheries) that acts as partner in the project and servesRead More

Histology in cephalopods reproductive studies

“Contrasting macroscopic maturity staging with histological characteristics of the gonads in female Octopus vulgaris” is the title of the last paper (published in Hydrobiologia) in which we have colaborated. Although we do not participate as coauthors, The Fisheries Ecology Group (CSIC) allowed the author to use image analyzer, and weRead More

CRAMER final seminar: Ecology of hake recruitment

This week has been celebrated the final seminar of CRAMER project focused on ecology of Hake (Merluccius merluccius) recruitment. In this three days seminar participated to scientific comunications and discussions three different spanish research institutions: i) Fisheries Ecology Group, CSIC, ii) staff from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography from Vigo,Read More