Recent publications

New insights into the systematics of North Atlantic Gaidropsarus (Gadiformes, Gadidae): flagging synonymies and hidden diversity BARROS-GARCÍA D., BAÑÓN R., ARRONTE J.C., FERNÁNDEZ-PERALTA L., GARCÍA R., IGLÉSIAS S.P., SELLOS D.Y., BARREIROS J.P., COMESAÑA A.S. and ALEJANDRO DE CARLOS  (IN PRESS) Marine Biology Research

Evidence of a rapid colonization of the Atlantic European waters by the non-native weakfish Cynoscion regalis (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) BAÑÓN R., BARROS-GARCÍA D., GÓMEZ D., BERTA-RÍOS M., de CARLOS A.  (IN PRESS) Marine Biodiversity

Occurrence of Chiroteuthis mega (Cephalopoda, Chiroteuthidae) in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean Identified by Integrative Taxonomy) MORALES X., BAÑÓN R., RAMILO A., GUERRA A.  (IN PRESSThalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences

Integrative taxonomy supports the presence of two species of kyphosus (perciformes: kyphosidae) in Atlantic European waters (In press) BAÑÓN R., BARROS-GARCÍA D., ALEJANDRO DE CARLOS.  (IN PRESS) Scientia Marina

Chapter 3: Maturity, In Handbook of applied fisheries reproductive biology for stock assessment and management (In press) DOMÍNGUEZ-PETIT R., MURUA H., SABORIDO-REY F.,TRIPPEL E.A. (eds) DOMÍNGUEZ-PETIT R., ANASTASOPOULOU A., CUBILLOS L., GERRITSEN H.D., GONÇALVES P., HIDALGO M., KENNEDY J., KORTA M., MARTEINSDOTTIR G., MORGADO C., MUÑOZ M., QUINCOCES I., SAÍNZA M., THORSEN A., VITALE F. M.   Digital.CS

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