Recent publications

Temporal and spatial variation in recreational catches of anadromous brown trout, Salmo trutta, in Norwegian rivers (In press) JAIME OTERO, JAN HENNING L’ABÉE-LUND, ASBJØRN VØLLESTAD Hydrobiologia

Chapter 3: Maturity, In Handbook of applied fisheries reproductive biology for stock assessment and management (2014) DOMÍNGUEZ-PETIT R., MURUA H., SABORIDO-REY F.,TRIPPEL E.A. (eds) DOMÍNGUEZ-PETIT R., ANASTASOPOULOU A., CUBILLOS L., GERRITSEN H.D., GONÇALVES P., HIDALGO M., KENNEDY J., KORTA M., MARTEINSDOTTIR G., MORGADO C., MUÑOZ M., QUINCOCES I., SAÍNZA M., THORSEN A., VITALE F. M.   Digital.CS

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