The IIM is a multidisciplinary research institute devoted to solve scientific questions within the fields of oceanography, fisheries, marine aquaculture, processing and conservation of marine products and environmental quality. It belongs to CSIC, the third largest scientific institution in Europe.

The Fisheries Ecology group belongs to the Department of Ecology and Marine Resources, and develops its research activities within the field of Ecosystems Approach to the management of living marine resources of diverse exploited species, working within a multidisciplinary context, addressing different life history traits (reproduction, growth, bioenergetics and behavior), and including the analysis of the dynamics of populations, the study of essential biological parameters, critical interactions, the relations between species and the use of the habitat, always directed to improve the knowledge of the populations ecology and the mechanisms that determine the fluctuations in their abundance, with special emphasis in the study of recruitment, reproductive potential and the impact of the different measures of fisheries management on them. Due to the situation of general exploitation of the resources and the change in the strategies of fisheries management, the group also orients his efforts to the development of new tools of evaluation and management that consider the resilience of the populations and the use of ecosystem indicators, in particular oriented to resources with limited data.

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