Contact Information

Institute of Marine Research (CSIC)

Eduardo Cabello, 6. Vigo. Pontevedra. 36208 (Spain)

(+34) 986231930 ext. 241



Research interest

During my professional career I have specialized in esclerochronology. In January 2018 I joined the team Fisheries Ecology of Marine Research Institute of CSIC in Vigo, where I am involved in the project DREAMER, “Hake recruitment and adult demography: implication for fisheries sustainability“ where my tasks are processing and interpreting otoliths samples, growth analysis of Atlantic Hake and estimate growth rates.

I have been part of the team in several national and international projects (ECOPREST, CRAMER, ECOPREGA, etc.) contributed to multiple conferences and seminars so as participated in international working groups. I was also onboard in some oceanographic and fisheries surveys as part of the scientific crew for data collection and biological sampling.