Mónica Mandado

Contact information

Eduardo Cabello, 6. Vigo. Pontevedra. 36208 (Spain)

(+34) 986231930 ext. 241

E-mail: mandado@iim.csic.es


Research interests

My main area of interest is focused in the application of models of dynamics of populations exploited of fishes, and the study and exploration of live marine resources by means of oceanographic surveys.


Working Groups

  • ICES Working Group on Methods of Fish Stock Assessment (WGMG). CM 2011/SSGSUE:08.10–19 October 2011.Vigo, Spain



  • NAFO Scientific Council 2016, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 03 Junio – 16 Junio 2016.
  • NAFO 36th Annual meeting. Vigo, Pontevedra, España. 22 – 26 September 2014.
  • NAFO Scientific Council 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 30 Mayo – 12 Junio 2014.
  • Reunión de Coordinación Programa Nacional de Datos Básicos del sector pesquero (PNDB). Madrid, España. 15 Octubre 2014.
  • 2014 meeting on the coordination and participation of scientists al different RFMOs meetings. Brussels, Bélgica. 19 – 20 Marzo 2014.
  • NAFO 35th Annual meeting. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 23 – 27 September 2013.


Oceanographic Surveys

  • Flemish Cap. In NAFO Div. 3M. Years 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Fletan Negro 3L. In Div. 3L of the NAFO Regulatory Area. Years 2004, 2006, 2007.
  • In Div. 3NO of the NAFO Regulatory Area.  Year 2007.
  • CRAMER – 0312. In Division IXa and VIIIc of ICES. Year 2012.
  • Exploración Pesquera dentro de aguas Canadienses división 3L. In Div. 3L of the NAFO Regulatory Area.  Year 2012.
  • Veda de la cigala. In Division  IXa of ICES. Year 2007.
  • Experimental Survey in Morocco Waters. Year 2006.
  • Experimental Survey in Greenland Waters. Year 2005.
  • Experimental Survey In divisions 6 and 4 of the NAFO Regulatory Area. Year 2004.
  • In Reykjanes Ridge, sampling Beaked redfish . Years 2003 and 2004.
  • In Norway waters, sampling cod and associated species. Year 2002
  • In Falkland Islands waters. Years 2000 and 2001.


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