Mariña Fabeiro Quinteiro

Contact Information

Institute of Marine Research (CSIC)

Eduardo Cabello, 6

Vigo, Pontevedra. 36208 (Spain)

(+34) 986 231 930 ext. 243


I am technician in Pathological Anatomy and Citology since 2004. I achieved a grant of Xunta de Galicia in 2004-2006 in the group of fisheries Ecology of IIM-CSIC.

Inside the lab’s staff of the group I am in charge of the following tasks: histological processing for fish reproductive studies; fish fecundity estimations (image analysis and stereological techniques); quantitative determination of biochemical components in fish tissues for bionergetic studies; also  calorimetry; but currently my main activity is focused on determination of age and growth in fish.

During this time, I have specialized in esclerochronology and I have participated in internacional workshop on validation of otoliths readings.

I participated in some oceanografhic and fisheries surveys (Newfounland and Galician waters) as part of the scientific crew for data collection and biological sampling earch.


  1. Eva García-Seoane, Mariña Fabeiro, A. Silva, I. Meneses (2015) Age-based demography of the glacier lanternfish (Benthosema glaciale) in the Flemish Cap Marine and Freshwater Research, 66 (1): 78-85
  2. Villegas-Ríos D., Alonso-Fernández A. ,Fabeiro M., Bañón R., Saborido-Rey F. (2013) Demographic Variation between Colour Patterns in a Temperate Protogynous Hermaphrodite, the Ballan Wrasse Labrus bergylta PLOS one, 8 (8): e71591
  3. Heggebakken L., Groot J., McArthur J., Gudmundsdottir S., Fabeiro M., Grabowska B. Report of the small scale exchange of redfish otoliths (Sebastes mentella) 2011.

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