Postdoc (inglés)

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a PhD in Marine Science, Environmental Science, Marine Biology or Biological Oceanography to apply for three open positions in the R+D Spanish programme. Contact: /

The post-doc fellows will work on the Fisheries Ecology Research group at the Institute of Marine Research, Vigo, Spain, within several of the group ongoing research projects and particularly within the next topics:

  • Biological and ecosystem indicators for improving small-scale fisheries management
  • Modelling European hake recruitment incorporating improved life history traits and productivity
  • Environmental, fisheries and life history interactions shaping recruitment in Flemish Cap
  • Role of climate change in variability and connectivity among spawning components applying genomic tools
  • Reproductive resilience and productivity in exploited populations
  • Spatial ecology and behaviour of marine animals (using acoustic telemetry techniques)
  • Ecology of top predators.