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New project on discard survival in small-scale fisheries

The main objective (OP) of DESTAC is to estimate the survival of discards from the artisanal fleet in the environment of a protected marine area and identify technical improvements to minimize the impact of discard. The project includes the following specific objectives (SO): SO1. Evaluate the survival rate of targetRead More

Intership oppportunity “JAE Intro”

The extract of the Resolution of March 13, 2019, from the Presidency of the State Agency for Higher Council of Scientific Research, for which scholarships for the introduction of research “JAE Intro” have been published. Destiny for master students Scholarships for stays of 5 consecutive months, to be carried outRead More

Monitoring of behaviour of coastal species with acoustic telemetry (TAC project)

Food security or the mitigation of climate change are ecosystem services of coastal regions of vital importance for socioeconomic well-being. There are multiple anthropogenic and environmental pressures that can affect the sustainability of resources. Marine protected areas (MPAs) become a valuable tool to promote the sustainable exploitation of resources byRead More