Govocitos is a free software destinated to determine reproductive parameters in fish. It is able to estimate fertility and study the dynamics of development and oocyte recruitment of commercial fish quickly, easily and accurately. Knowledge of these parameters allows improving the assessment and fisheries management. Govocitos features an intuitive interface that easy to use.

An innovative technology that allows …

  • Fast, accurate, reproducible and reviewable image analysis.
  • Statistical analysis of data with direct storage on the results.
  • Greater accuracy of experiments.
  • Adaptation and training software for specific requirements.
  • Generic and modular development: possible use for other applications.

Commercial applications

  • Fertility estimation in fish and other species from histological images of its gonads.
  • Fisheries management and marine resources.
  • Expandable to other count, mesure and classification problems:
    • Pollen count.
    • Oncology and cytology.

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