Historia e dinámica actual da nasa de polbo en Galicia

Presentamos aquí a nosa última contribución ó estudio da dinámica das pesquerías artesanais en Galicia.  Tedes acceso gratuito ó pdf do traballo hate o 13 de Xullo de 2018 no seguiente enlace: https://www.sciencedirect.com/…/artic…/pii/S0165783618301413



  • Common octopus has been regularly fished at least since the XV century in Galicia.
  • Trap is the main fishing method for catching octopuses in Galicia from mid 1970s.
  • A decreasing trend in fishing effort occurred since early 2000s.
  • Official artisanal catches have fluctuated between 2000 and 4000 t y−1 in recent decades.
  • Fishing operations and strategies depend on fleet size and vary seasonally and spatially.

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