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The group has a complete laboratory that brings together in one space all the necessary equipment to analyze life history parameters -mainly growth and reproduction- as well as expert staff, skilled in the different lab techniques


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Histology, bioenergetics, reproductive parameters, sclerochronology, image analysis


Oceanographic surveys of the DREAMER project finished and now it is time to process all the material sampled in the lab. Distribution, daily growth and trophic dynamics of hake larvae are some of the main aspects in which research team will be focusedin the coming months (AZTI / CSIC).  Read More

Looking for hake larvae #DREAMER0317 (Spanish)

DREAMER es un proyecto coordinado entre el Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (IIM-CSIC), el Instituto Mediterráneo de estudios avanzados (IMEDEA) y la Fundación AZTI, financiado por el Plan Estatal de I+D+I. El objetivo central del proyecto es el análisis de los procesos ecológicos del reclutamiento de la merluza europea (Merluccius merluccius),Read More

Aplying the Oocyte Packing Density

Oocyte Packing Density is an extended autodiametric method (Kurita & Kjesbu 2009) that helps us to understand oocyte dynamics and reproductive potential specially in indeterminate fecundity fish species. Alba Serrat Llinàs, a PhD student from the University of Girona, has been in our lab giving a seminar about this topicRead More