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Archeozoology and Fisheries

This week Laura LLorente García, postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Archiology of the University of York, has visited our lab. Obviously, we organized an interesting seminar where we caught up with the basic concepts of ARCHAEOZOOLOGY and the latest research results that Laura develops in York. Certainly very promisingRead More

New project on European hake recruitment

Faced with the same enthusiasm as ever a new project, DREAMER, focusing on recruitment dynamics of one of our flagship species, the European hake Merluccius merluccius. This proposed project is a logical continuation of CRAMER project. The overall objective of the project is to analyze the causes that determine hake recruitmentRead More

Is the ballan wrasse, Labrus bergylta, two species? (In spanish)

Nice post about the recent publication Is the ballan wrasse, Labrus bergylta, two species? Genetic analysis reveals within-species divergence associated with plain and spotted morphotype frequencies. Original post in the blog Blue Ecology. […] A alguno le podrá sorprender la siguiente pregunta, ¿son el pinto y la maragota dos especies? sin embargo, a día de hoyRead More