CRAMER final seminar: Ecology of hake recruitment

This week has been celebrated the final seminar of CRAMER project focused on ecology of Hake (Merluccius merluccius) recruitment.

In this three days seminar participated to scientific comunications and discussions three different spanish research institutions: i) Fisheries Ecology Group, CSIC, ii) staff from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography from Vigo, Málaga, Mallorca and Santander,  iii) AZTI. It was also highly valuable the contribution of the researches of the INIDEP from Argentine.

Scientific discussions included issues like reproductive potential, embrionic development, egg and larvae dispersion, growth… even some implications in assessment of NE Atlantic Southern Stock of hake. Methodological issues like acoustic techniques applied to larval studies were also part of the agenda.

The project is close to the end, June 2014, but a lot of interesting results are already available and many more yet to come.

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