GADCAP project begins

The GADCAP project, EU Marie Curie project, is led by one of our last PhD student, Alfonso Pérez Rodríguez. Alfonso, recently honored for his doctoral thesis in the University of Vigo, will be working in Bergen (Norway) at the IMR during next two years to develope  a GADGET multispecies stock assessment model for the Flemish Cap cod, redfish and shrimp in the bossom of NAFO. The main objective of GADCAP is providing alternative management strategies for the Flemish Cap by increasing the knowledge about joint population dynamic of cod, redfish and shrimp in a context of fishing activity and variable environmental conditions.

The Flemish Cap is located within the regulatory area of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO)

Although main part of the work will be done at the IMR under the supervisionor Dr. Daniel Howell and the valuable cooperation of Dr. Bjarte Bogstad, the GADCAP goals need from the interaction of multiple international scientific institutions:  Oceanographic Centre of Vigo (IEO), the Institute of Marine Research (Vigo) (IIM-CSIC) and thePortuguese Oceanic and Atmospheric Institute (IPMA).

Details of the project, valuable information and related news will be available in the poject’s blog

EU Marie Curie project for multiespecies modelling of Flemish Cap fisheries (NAFO 3M)

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