CASGASS – Studying Galician Smale-Scale fisheries trends

Last monday we had the first coordination meeting of the project CASGASS “CAtch rate Standardisation of finfishes targeted by the GAlician (NE Atlantic) Small-Scale fishery“. The meeting take place at the facilities of the governmental agency UTPB (Technical Unit of Artisanal Fisheries) that acts as partner in the project and servesRead More

GOVOCITOS: Free software for determining reproductive parameters in fish

The software, developed within the project DETEPRE (funding by Xunta de Galicia) and collaborating with Laboratory of Applied Informatic Science (LIA), to estimate fertility and study the dynamics of development and oocyte recruitment of commercial fish quickly, easily and accurately. Knowledge of these parameters allows improving the assessment and fisheries management.Read More

Training Seminar to increase the competitiveness of postdocs within CSIC institutions

The main objective of this seminar is to increase the success rate of proposals drawn up by researchers postdocs (Natural Resources area) in the European programs ERC , Marie Curie and LIFE +. In addition, take the opportunity to be applied on other activities such as the creation of spin-offs andRead More